Kevin, the Sengwer Aid Chair visited the Sengwer community          in 2014


Girls at desk: For the first time children in Kaptolomwo village, high up in the Pokot mountains, have access to books and teachers.  We funded the classrooms and desks.  A priority is to persuade the girls to stay in school and not to go for circumcision and marriage at the age of 14.

At the Kaptolomwo community meeting in December 2013 local people asked for help to construct a village clinic.  Access to any medical help currently is very difficult.  We are raising money to support their request.

The four teachers at Kaptolomwo primary school appealed for help to purchase books.  We responded with a donation of £1000.


Pictured are four girls from the Kaptolomwo community. We fund three local community health workers and one of their priorities is to discourage female genital mutilation. 

Below are some pictures of different projects & people Sengwer Aid has worked with

Sopetap School Seed Project

A Water Project

Water reaches School!

Sopetap Community Seed Project

  Sopetap Community Seed Project

Shoots of new growth

A Traditional Cop Sengwer House

Nursery Class

The Sengwer Dance Group

The Sengwer Youth Dance Group

Womens Jewellery Co-operative